I had the chance to get Dylan Reeve on record on Friday night in Los Angeles. It was a shocking display of lying that lived up to the old adage “How can you tell he is lying”; “His lips are moving”. I am going to go into many of them here now, but I can only scratch the surface. It would take as many pages as “War and Peace” to cover all of them. Getting him on the record was crucial. It was however not easy. One, in general, presumes that people are basically decent. It is hard to describe the feeling when someone stands in front of you and lies not only about you, but good decent people who work for you. In many ways it is blood curdling. He stood there and between lies tried to promote some bizarre version of “The end justifies the means” or “Two wrongs make a right” morality.
Our discussion covered basically two areas. 1.The lies 2. The unethical behavior. More often than not they intertwine so I will try to clarify what I am saying.


It is best to start from the beginning as it was germane to Friday night. I flew to Auckland with my photographer and my assistant in August of 2014.We went as 3 gay people to talk with Farrier and Reeve about the documentary they were talking about doing. We wanted to tell them what we do, and dispel homophobia accusations that were at the heart of their presentation. We went clearly with the agreement agreed to by both parties that we would be off the record until the time we were convinced we would get a fair shake. I asked my reluctant assistant if he would join us to tell a participant’s side of the story. I assured him he would not ever be on camera and at the last minute he agreed to come. Unlike a Farrier lie, he flew coach. Not that that matters but a pattern of lying established itself in Auckland. My assistant’s main concern was being outed. While he is out to his immediate family, his concern was elderly grandparents who he felt in the case of an ill one, it was not the time for that. He felt, and I agreed, that when and to whom he discussed his sexual orientation was his right and choice, no one else’s . As time showed, Farrier believes no one has any rights he does not grant them. The countless examples of the violation of people’s personal rights are at the heart of the unethical behavior. With my promise of him not being on camera we went to NZ. We spent a night in San Francisco then joined my photographer for the 14 hour flight to Auckland. As you can see in the Documentary we enter the terminal and are greeted by a sign holding Farrier who as you can see has no microphone. There is no camera in sight it turns out it was hidden between 2 people. My photographer says hello I start to and my assistant notices the camera and tells me. We were not in New Zealand but a few minutes and we were in the thick of Farrier’s lies. Simply put we were sandbagged in the airport. You can clearly hear both myself and my assistant say we did not approve. What Farrier does not tell you is that as I walked away I followed my assistant to a magazine stand where he was shaking and crying because he had been violated. It seems that Farrier in his mind decides who is allowed basic decent rights as a human being. Farrier came over to us and saw the distressed state of my assistant and immediately tried to calm him down. At first it seemed like a humanitarian gesture, but it turned out just to be a way to salvage getting more footage. He told my assistant he was sorry if he had violated him he did not mean too. He earnestly promised him that he would never use his image if in fact he did use the footage he would blur him out. We left for our hotel with the young man badly shaken, and unsure if we were ever going to get the chance to get our side of the story heard.
With much trepidation with the urging of my photographer I agreed to give a meeting a try. If anyone believes I would go to a meeting without complete assurances of off the record they are delusional. Here is what happened. My assistant and Photographer went to the conference room first. I followed in a few minutes when I got off a phone call. We confiscated everyone’s cell phones and turning them off. Then I CLEARLY got assurances that this was not being recorded with ANY recording devices and that we were officially off the record. They both said they were not recording and that we were indeed off the record. The first ten minutes of the meeting were basically me telling them that they had already broken their word. Then I pointed out to them firmly that they were far worse in their treatment of people than who they were going after. Here was a person in the room who they had violated in real time not from behind a keyboard as they alleged their subject was doing. My assistant expressed how he felt and BOTH farrier and Reeve promise they would never use his image they would blur him out. In this part of the meeting I clarified what off the record meant and we all agreed to abide by those principles. We then had a contentious meeting with the first appearance of who the real bullies were. Farrier and Reeve. They listened to nothing we had to say. Ignored the dozens of emails from people who were happy with how they had been treated and the substantive proof from 3 gay men that the homophobia at the heart of their complaints was not in practice in what we did. Nothing mattered they had their agenda and there was no amount of proof that would matter. Reeve asked the for the end of the meeting because we were getting nowhere. In retrospect it probably was because the recording device was running out of space.
Again I would like to remind everyone the line from the Best picture of the year “Spotlight’. Early on the lawyer aske’s the journalist “Are you recording this?” The reporter answers “I would never record anything without your permission.” That is ethical Journalism. If that was the standard in Priests molesting young boys, why not here? The next day at my request I met with Farrier alone with the same rules in place. As the documentary shows another hidden recording device was used.

When I asked Reeve about these issues Friday night he said they never agreed to off the record, and that he did not remember saying he would blur out my assistant. For these reasons and the basic reason of showing how they lied about our meetings I asked that he release the unedited secret recording from the two meeting. That way people could hear with their own ears just what happened there. He knows full well what happened, he lied, he knows I know he lied, and the proof is in those recordings. As I said to Reeve Friday night this is not complicated. Release the recordings unedited and let people hear what was said. He said he would not. It is obvious to any person why they will not release the recordings. They will show not only the full extent of the lies, but the callous disregard for the humanity of anyone who dares to disagree with them. In those recordings not only did they say they would blur out my assistant, but they would leave my photographer out of it entirely. Not only was that lie egregious, but to this day they continue to abuse him. Just last week as his father lay dying, and then his memorial service both of which were documented on his facebook they sent tweets mentioning him and tweaking him about the upcoming release of the documentary. He could not even bury his father in peace.

As I said this is not complicated. Release to a neutral third party the recordings. Have them verified at my expense that they have not been altered. Then let the world see he true Farrier and Reeve. Liars.

After my meeting with Farrier he had agreed to not do the documentary. He tweeted this to my photographer:

You read their narrative now, I was the devil incarnate in New Zealand. It is imperative that they release the unedited secret recording so people can hear for themselves what was said. We talked about my cousin dying of AIDS. What is was like to live through the AIDS crisis and how that formed how I treated people and who I am as a person. They have either portrayed me, or allowed to be portrayed as a Thug, an Edgy lawyer, among many other things. It is obvious that that tweet was a lie as was Farrier’s saying he was out of the documentary. It was designed to throw us off track so they could surprise us in LA a few days later. In the documentary Farrier says they discovered that there was a shoot in LA after we left NZ. Again this not complicated. Just show when the plane tickets and hotel and car reservations were made and you will see it was a lie. I can assure you it was more in line with this document:

That is dated before we arrived in NZ. I understand that is circumstantial but indicative they were planning a trip to the US and if they provide the proof I mentioned it would just be another lie.

The Jordan Shillachi recantation from last week is illustrative of the sleazy unethical practices of not only Farrier and Reeve but of Magnolia Films as well. While I was in the lobby with Reeve Friday night he introduced his friends from Magnolia who were filming me so we know they know the following: Jordan Schillaci recanted everything he said. He told of his 400 dollar a day payment for a total of 1200. He told that he was coached by farrier to say there were death threats. He was couched by Farrier to express anger towards David D’Amato. You can see in the cuts of the Documentary that Jordan comes back with a different demeanor and attitude. At first he says you don’t know who you work with then he shakes and rages about David D’Amato.

When I first asked Reeve why Jordan was still in the documentary he answered “we haven’t had a chance to do anything about it yet.” In other word Reeve and Farrier and Magnolia were content leaving it with testimony that was recanted. Moments later he said that he felt “Jordan told them the truth and lied to me”. There in front of hundreds of people he called his witness a liar. He said he was ok with that. I however had far more proof that Jordan was telling me the truth than he had. In the documentary Jordan said if he ever were to meet D’Amato he would punch him out tie him up and get the truth out of him. Throughout the entire screening Jordan sat less than 2 feet from David D’Amato and never threw a blow. Although I am not naïve enough to think some people might not believe that Jordan told me that really is a moot point. They call their witness a liar. One way or the other his credibility is compromised. He must by any journalistic standard be pulled from the film. You can’t call your witness a selective liar. Not when you paid him. Jordan also claimed that he was offered a percentage of the profits. Farrier has denied this. Is Farrier ready for the affidavits from the family members who were there who disagree? Are you going to call the whole family liars? Jordan must be removed. Which brings me to my next lie.

I ask Reeve why they went literally around the world telling people we were a bunch of criminals. He said they never did that.


Care to rescind that lie Dylan?

Next lie. “We had nothing to do with Sundance calling the police.” Why just because I was there taking notes would anyone need police and bomb sniffing dogs? Why would the appearance of someone in a documentary lead to Police being called? What message other than the fake death threats now discredited Why would David post this picture on Twitter and proclaim Sundance and the Park City police had your back?


Why then post it and use it as a press release? Do we need to go to all the interviews where David says that police were needed to protect him? You wore it like a badge of courage. It was a lie used as a press release.

There are so many more but let’s get to the unethical journalism.

You made many statements unsupported by facts. Let’s look at a few.


You made a big deal about how The “Tickle Lady” used footage without the subjects permission. Yet you did the same thing. Your excuse was that it was online anyway and people could see it. Online to a slect auidence is hardly the same as on movie screens and HBO. You claim these men are vistims of a Bully. Who exactly is bullying whom here? These men never bargained for being used as tools in your documentary. Yet you use them and cause them far more harm then anyone else ever did. In addition to Jordan I had 4 guys with me who wanted to ask you why you were using their image without their permission. In the case of my assistany why you lied to him. There was one whosae image you used that was not in any of the tickling footage you used but rather was just a participant whom you shot on private property during your tickle shoot segment. Obviously thet negates your excuse for using footage, but why does this man not have any rights? Why do you decide to infuse yourselves into his life calling him gay fetish porn model to his family because it suits your needs. As I told you in Auckland you are far worse that who youv are after. You don’t care who you destroy no one has rights but you. Let’s give a couple of more examples.

You did a “Catfish”type interview with a person who asnwers the phone at D’Amato and Lynch. I asked Reeve if you even knew her name you said no. She had no information other than than George D’Amato died many years ago and she had no information about David. You took that and said that like everyone else D’Amato and Lynch would not talk to you. Did it ever occur to you to tell the women she was going to be in your documentary? To have her permission, and get a release from her? Did you consider for a moment if these people were actually hostile you might be putting her job at risk? Why did you not ask who was authorized to talk for D’Amato and Lynch and get an official response before reaching the conclusion that they were part of a conspiracy of silence? You did not even know the womens name, yet she was both put at potential risk and was used by you to make a point that was not made.

Again in his best “Catfish” imitation Farrier interviews the “Stepmother.” While I have no brief for her diatribe, let’s be clear here. A stepmother not liking her stepchild is not news. This one was right out of Cinderella. Farrier did not say he was doing a documentary, rather he said he was doing a story. He never told her that he was recording her, much less that he was putting her in a documentary. At one point she said she was afraid of her stepson. It turns out in reality she had not seen him since her husbands funeral over 7 years ago. She disparges her stepson in ways you would expect a women who was jealous of the love the father felt for his son. I asked Reeve is they had a release from her he said no. I asked if they told her she was in a documentary he stated that they did later. I believe this to be a lie. They never gave her the option to decide if in her later years she wanted to be embroiled in a bitter dispute with her stepson. Whatever peace these two people had in their lives was upended by not giving her the chance to decide for herself if she wanted to be in a documentary. That is both indecent and abusive. If they believed her when she said she was afraid of him didn’t they have the obligation to ask her if she wanted to be that pubic, If she wanted to have her life truned upside down? You can tell in the interview she is not aware of the gravity of what she is doing. If they really believed she was in danger from him should thay have not told het they were going to use her in a documentary? Should they have warned her? Why was she like so many others sandbagged? Why is there no release from someone so prominent in their Documentary? The answer is simple. They knew if they asked they more than likely would be ytold no. They decuded to trun her life upside down without the basic decency of letting her know what she was doing. That is not only a lie of omission, but a incredibly dangerous place to put any elderly person. Who when forced into a shock like this there could suffer fatal consequences. Reeve said no release because they did not need one. That tells you all you need to know about these savages. Brutal unethical elderly abuse.


The end justifies the means, two wrongs make a right rules of Farrier and Reeve really do matter. For a moment put your self in the shoes of the victims of Farrier and Reeve. The guys who were used without permission are victims. With my assiatant not only did they break their word to blur him out, they searched out footage of him as a participant and used that too. In the interview in Auckland they show a shot of my crotch for the sole purpose of humiliation me. The auidence got a great laugh being part of the humiliation. The people you are abusing are real. You claim the participants are victims. Indeed thay are. They are victims of your bullying and your lies. Why don’t they matter? Why are they collateral damage in your quest for fame? Clearly some things need to happen.

1. Jordan Schillaci must be removed. You have called your own source a liar. He says what he said was all lies. Whether I believe him, or anyone does, is not the point. You have called him a liar. You must remove him and what he said.
2. I made it clear that Farrier and Reeve told extensive lies and broke their word directly affecting the lives of good people about our trip to Auckland. The truth exists. It is in the unedited recordings secretly recorded by Reeve and Farrier. The unedited conversartions must be released. People need to hear every lie you told. The only reason not to release then unedited conversations is to cover your lies. People need to see who you are. RELEASE TO AN OBJECTIVE THIRD PARTY THE UNDEITED RECORDING TO VERIFY THEY HAVE NOT BEEN EDITED AT MY EXPENSE. Then release them and let the people hear who you you really are. There is no reason not too.
3. Remove any image you do not have permission to use. You can’t claim thet the “Tickle Lady”was evil for using people’s image without their permission then do it yourself. You can’t claim these men are victim’s of her and then victimize them in a far worse manner than her. Lies and deciet are not Journalism.

Release the unedited recordings.


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