Finally, the TRUTH Exposed. Unethical David Farrier’s LIES; CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS. The Jordan Shillachi Interview.

“I do believe that I have been deceived”
Nona Hendryx from Labelle song “Chameleon”

I received a call from a mutual acquaintance that I needed to talk to Jordan Shillachi. If you have read my previous commentaries, you know that that was not on the top of my list. It seemed he was frustrated that Unethical David Farrier was reneging on his deal with Jordan. I spoke with him briefly on the phone, and brought him to NYC for this interview.

It is almost impossible to know where to start. Let’s start at the obvious question. Is Jordan telling the truth. I for one believe him. Having said that, I obviously have a reason to believe him. So let’s put aside that for a moment and look at facts. So I will pose some questions.

1. Q. Would any ethical Journalist pay for information. A. That question answers itself. NO. Of course the term “Ethical Journalist” does not apply to David Farrier so we must probe further.
2. Q. Would Unethical David Farrier pay for information? A. As previously shown he was actively soliciting information. He also was promising to make people’s financial situation improve greatly.
As recently as this week it seems Farrier was trying to pay for inform
3. Q. Were there witnesses to the payoff and the promise of 10% of the profits? A. Yes.

In many ways the interview speaks for itself. Unethical Farrier had an agenda and he would not let facts get in the way. If you look closely at the documentary you will see exactly where unethical Farrier stopped the camera and coached Jordan. There were many places in my initial interview with Jordan I set trap doors to question his truthfulness and he passed every test. Let me give you an example. Jordan has never seen the documentary. He has no idea what is in it. Yet he told me how unethical Farrier and Reeve bragged about them hacking the documentary’s principle personal files. How would he know that unless he heard it from unethical Farrier. There are countless examples of this type of thing that will be given to all appropriate authorities.

I have a deeply personal stake in this hatchet job. When I went to the Sundance Film Festival Unethical Farrier used my appearance for a cheap publicity stunt. He told Sundance I presume, that they were dealing with people who made death threats. He boasted proudly that Sundance and The Park City Police had his back. The next day he tweeted a picture of the Park City Police and a bomb sniffing dog.
In numerous interviews he stated that police and were needed. Stop and think about that for just a second. Imagine someone claiming that you, or someone you loved, is a potential mass murderer. Based on lies you made up to attain publicity. That somewhere in police data bases you are listed as a potential mass murderer. This is not a joke. When I first wrote about this I asked the simple question. Why when he was in Muskegon, MI did he not take Jordan to the police and file a police report about death threats? If he really thought anyone was in danger would that have not been the responsible thing to do? Would it not have been a dereliction of duty of both a Journalist and a Human Being to stop murders? Obviously unethical Farrier is neither. Now we know why. It was a lie made up by Unethical Farrier for “Publicity”. Now we know why no police. As we know he has used this lie literally around the world. The filing of false police reports for profit is not a joke. The using of police resources for a publicity stunt for profit is not a joke.The defaming of people and painting them as a potential mass murderer is not a joke.

In addition, as Jordan points out, the basic thesis that people were conned into something is a lie. That people were threatened into silence is a lie. Simply put what we have here is a man so desirous of fame he will tell any lie to get it. A man so desirous of fame that he does not care who he harms along the way. Here is what truth and decency demands be done.

1. All of Jordan’s testimony be stricken from the documentary. No matter how you look at it he has recanted his statements and they are no longer valid. They must go. I frankly don’t care whether they go because the truth is out, or because you call him a liar. Either way his testimony must go.
2. My name MUST be cleared. Sundance and the Truth/False festival MUST be told that the death threats stories were recanted. That there were no THREATS. It was a publicity stunt by Unethical Farrier. You don’t have to take my word or Jordan’s. Just look at the facts. As I said if Farrier believed it was true he would have gone to the police. Now we know why.
3. Any law enforcement agency that received false reports MUST be reimbursed for any cost associated with this fraud. Reports will be filed with the local jurisdictions so this is not optional. In this case unlike unethical Farrier’s the reports will not be false.
4. Sundance and True/False must be informed of this fraud for profit scheme. As must any other Journalist that has been lied too. I expect that both Sundance and True/False, and anyone else reaching conclusions based on this lie will address the issue in a way that clears my name.

I respectfully request that anyone associated with this pack of lies look at this recantation of the lies Unethical Farrier put forward. Take it all in and await what comes next.


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