Part 1- The Introduction

The first thing you need to know about David Farrier*, the director of the “alleged” documentary “Tickled,” is that he lies with the ease of room temperature butter melting on hot toast. The second thing you need to know, is that unlike your garden variety snake liar, he does so with the direct intent to harm others. While that sounds like inflamed rhetoric, I will do my best to shine a light on this unethical man and his vile desire to seek fame at anyone’s expense.

For anyone who saw the film “Spotlight,” The Academy Award winner for Best Picture, you will remember early on in this study of investigative journalism a lawyer saying to the Boston Globe reporter “Are you recording this?” The Boston Globe reporter said, “I would never record anything without your permission”. That in a case about priests abusing hundreds of children. In Farrier’s, case he will record everything, not only without your permission and lie about doing it, but then selectively use an out of context partial remark to fit his pre-conceived agenda.

This is not about a search for truth, but rather a search for his massive ego. In some twisted “The end justifies the means.” approach he  breaks virtually  every tenet and ethical rule of both Journalism and Decency. His ethical standard is: “Two wrongs make a right.” There is a story here, a story of a massive ego gone awry. Weaving a web of lies without caring who he hurts along the way, he uses the concept, “Stand up to bullies,” Yet he pays, yes, I said pays, a real life bully to lie for him. This bully, Jordan Schillaci, was paid  $400 to lie for him. Ironically when the documentary came out Jordan tried for 2 days to reach Farrier to ask for more money.  I will get to every detail in every lie and document and verify them on this site, but for this opening let’s examine one. This person, Jordan Schillaci  made the claim that death threats were made against him when he was going to talk to Farrier about working with Jane O’Brien Media. Farrier has traveled around the world claiming, “Death threats were made.” The only proof offered of this were the words of Jordan  when he interviewed him in Muskegon, MI. That’s it. He dresses Jordan up like he is one of the Brady Bunch, and Jordan tells his tale of woe.

Does Farrier try and see if Jordan is credible, ascertain the validity the validity of the claim? Does he ask Jordan if he filed a police report? If he really believed people’s lives were in danger, why did he not put Jordan in the rental car, go to the police station and file the report? That would not only have made for great footage, but it would have protected Jordan and anyone else from death.

Obviously Farrier did not believe in the threats enough to act on them or verify them, yet he has made the claim of death threats without that verification. He, among other things, had the police in Park City Utah send 3 policemen and a bomb sniffing dog to a showing of “Tickled,” a picture of  which he tweeted the next day as a publicity stunt, because I had been at a showing the night before. There is a reason there was no police report, no attempt to verify this slanderous claim, because of the simple fact that it never happened.

Dressing Jordan up like he was part of the Brady Bunch was simply part of the scripted deceptions that are at the heart of the quilt of lies. Why did Farrier not tell people the background of Jordan Schillaci? Don’t you think that if you are basing claims on the word of someone their background is relevant? The truth is, Jordan is a real life bully with (see PDF) two convictions for Aggravated Assault. (DOWNLOAD PDF}. And as you can see, making false statements to police. His history of violence in Muskegon is legendary, domestic violence, punching out anyone who disagrees with him.

In fact in Muskegon if you get hit in an argument with anyone they say you got “Schillacied”.

All it would take for anyone, the police in Park City Utah, or Columbia, Missouri, who were also put on alert because I had purchased tickets, was a call to the Muskegon PD, and the veracity of the claim would have been disproven. Ask yourself why Farrier did not verify the claim of death threats? Why if he really believed people were in danger he did not march right to the Muskegon PD and make sure people were protected. Ask yourself how you would feel if you went to the Sundance and True/False film festivals and police departments were told you were there and were connected to death threats. That because you were there, armed police officers and bomb sniffing dogs were summoned on unverified death threats?

There is far more to discuss about Jordan Schillachi, among them his asking me for a $4,000 payoff to not talk to Farrier. I told him he would not get any money and he should talk to whomever he wants. It is not clear to me if Farrier was part of the extortion attempt to see if anyone would pay, and far more serious criminal behavior that has been referred to the proper authorities, or the fact that Farrier paid Jordan for the interview.

All of those issues and more will be addressed in the days to come. The idea that you can accuse people of death threats with no verification and use public funds for police departments for PR stunts is the level that this person operates on. When I was at Sundance I took an entire legal pad full of notes. It was described as “Furious note taking,”In actuality, every time there was a lie I wrote it down. I never stopped writing. I will write about every lie, every distortion, and unlike Farrier I will prove them. At the end of every entry I will ask the same question taken right out of American history, when an American hero Joseph Welch said to a scoundrel Joseph McCarthy who tried to destroy good people for his own purposes, “You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”

* While the documentary lists David Farrier and Dylan Reeve as co-directors it became obvious early on that Reeve was at best a junior partner,if a partner at all, used to play occasional bad cop. In reality it became obvious that he was like everyone else just a tool in Farrier’s desire to become an international star. For that reason, we will simply refer to “Farrier” or “Farrier and the Tool” throughout this piece. It’s easier that saying “Farrier and Reeve the Tool”, just look and see who is being sent around the world to lie to people.


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